Award winning artist Balthazar Quintana media of choice is leather, and his favorite subjects are birds. Each bird takes about a week to create and begins with a mold. The mold is then covered with individually hand-cut pieces of leather which he layers
wraps, bends and shapes into his chosen subject. Facial expressions come last, but the hardest to get right, says Balthazar, are the Barn Owls. Balthazar resides in Redding, CA.

Barn Owl and Snowy Owl (two individual pieces)

Barn Owl dimensions: 9Tx13Wx7D, leather. Snowy Owl dimensions 12Tx14Wx7D, leather.

Teal Black and Red Rooster

14Tx18Wx9D, leather.

Red Black and White Rooster

14Tx18Wx9D, leather.

Cobalt Blue and White Rooster

14Tx18Wx9D, leather.

Wood Duck (two individual pieces)

6Tx13Wx5D, leather