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The Geezer Gallery is a diversified gallery that seeks to represent artists sixty years of age and older whose work reflects the broad spectrum of cultural influences indicative of the broader world community. As such, we consider ourselves a resource for bringing together artists and the public in creative ways to experience art as both an end and the means to making our community connections.

Determination of an individual’s eligibility for showing as a featured artist, and being represented on an ongoing basis is at the discretion of the Artist Selection Committee. Selection as a featured artist is based on the ongoing schedule for shows. Opportunities for showing artwork may include themed shows and special events such as fund raising. The committee meets monthly to review portfolios.


Artist seeking to show their work at The Geezer Gallery are encouraged to submit their portfolios for review pursuant to the following guidelines.

Submission Requirements:

All submissions should be in digital format on CD-rom or Flash Drive. Applicants must submit 10-12 images representing recent (2-3 years) and current work. Digital submittals must be jpeg format with file size no larger than 1024 on any side. Photographs may be accepted if they are at least 5” x 7” or larger format. Applicants should include:

1. A biography or resume of no more than 2 pages with all current contact information.
2. An artist statement.
3. A list of titles, media, dimensions, and brief description for each image submitted.
4. Additional materials such as show postcards, newspaper clippings, etc. may be included however the total number of pages of text material should not exceed 5 pages, including the resume.
5. Include your contact info; email, phone, address, website (if you have one.)

All submissions should be sent to: Geezer Gallery, Montgomery Park, 2701 NW Vaughn, Box 170, Portland, OR 97210

Review Criteria:

Artists’ work will be judged on several criteria including:

1. Demonstration of a consistent body of work.
2. Mastery of technique and use of materials.
3. Ability to express an artistic concept or theme.
4. Subject matter and style that is consistent with the image The Geezer Gallery seeks to project.
5. Presentation of artwork in a professional manner.

Review Procedure

Portfolios will be screened for compliance with submittal requirements. The committee will then conduct an initial review according to the above criteria. If deemed necessary, the committee may request that the artists bring in actual artwork for further review.


Artists will be notified in writing or by email of the determination of the Artist Selection Committee. Selected artists will be required to sign a gallery contract outlining the terms and conditions of representation.