My desire is to elevate the activities of daily life, those mundane scenes where the moment becomes the subject. I like the balancing of what is familiar with the thought of what was seen. Whenever I venture out into the Portland area, I take random pictures using my iPhone and make selections from this data. What I’m searching for in a particular scene is a feeling, some sense of place, or maybe its just happening upon the way sunlight defines forms and creates shadows. My paintings are not recordings, but more interpretive naturalism—where the representation is referred to as a remembrance of my impression.

I’m interested in the way people interact with or detach themselves from one another and the viewer will find their own experience.

Alberta Motorbike SOLD!!!

45Lx35W, oil on canvas


Out of stock

Cheryl’s Diptych, left

20Lx16W, oil on panel


Cheryl’s Diptych, right

12Lx16W, oil on panel


Hawthorne Underpass

32Lx35W, oil on canvas



32Lx50W, oil on canvas


St. John’s Cinema, Diptych

left, 12Lx16W. right, 12Lx16W. oil on panel