I usually take a modernist approach. Aesthetically leaning towards
brutalism, midcentury modern, art deco, and minimalist design.
Shapes and angles in architecture, the concept of dimension, and
the combination of different elements and materials such as various
woods, metals, and fabrics, all come into play. I want to create
ambiance through a piece that’s balanced and sculptural, casting
dramatic shadows, as well as light.

Industrial Lamp #1

Floor model, metal and concrete. Perforated arc shade on a square base. LED.

Brutalist Lamp #4 (left)

Single shade on cylinder base. Banana fiber, metal, concrete. With dimmer. LED. Pictured on left. Mid-century design.

Brutalist Lamp #5 (right)

Four shades on a square base. Banana fiber, metal, concrete. Pictured on right. Mid-century design. With remote.