Dear Trusted Donors,

Planned Giving provides income and tax benefits for our donors and allows Geezer Gallery to continue to provide and services and an artistic outlet to the senior community.

The planned giving staff at Geezer Gallery stands ready to help you meet your unique financial needs by:
• Providing planned gifts that benefit you and your family
• Bringing immediate and deferred tax advantages to both you and your heirs
• Having a meaningful impact on Geezer Gallery and our goals and interests, beyond your own lifetime and far into the future

Determining what gift is right for you is just as important as making the gift. There are many options from which you can choose. The correct plan for you balances what you wish to accomplish for yourself, your family, and your charitable interests in your overall estate and financial plans.

Please contact us today to learn about giving strategies that allow you to make a meaningful charitable gift while possibly enhancing you, and your family’s, future financial well being.


Marcia Director
Executive Director/ Planned Giving Officer

To receive information on how planned gifts can benefit you and your family, just complete the form below and click the submit button. You will be contacted soon. Your request is strictly confidential and non-obligatory.

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Planned Giving provides many tax benefits through the use of:

Gifting Appreciated Assets

Making a gift of appreciated investments such as stocks or other securities can result in bypassing capital gains tax. For example if you contributed to any of our programs a stock purchased at $50,000 which is now worth $100,000 you could avoid paying the capital gains tax on the profit. Furthermore, you could deduct the full $100,000 value of the gift immediately on your tax return.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A Charitable Gift Annuity can provide a lifetime of income for you and your spouse while providing an immediate tax deduction. The annuity may be funded through cash or securities and provides an income benefit to you now and a donation to Geezer Gallery later.

Charitable Trusts

  • Charitable Trusts are designed to reduce the estate tax burden on your heirs. Donors may utilize a Charitable Lead or Remainder Trust to provide income and tax benefits for their family and estate.
  • A Charitable Lead Trust pays income to your chosen charity for a certain period of years after your death. Once the period is up, the trust principal passes to your family members or heirs.
  • A Charitable Remainder Trust is the mirror image or the Charitable Lead Trust. Trust income is payable to your family members or other heirs for a period of years after your death or for the lifetime of one of more beneficiaries. Then, the principal goes to the designated charity.
  • Depending on which type of trust you use, the dollar value of the lead (income) interest or the remainder interest produces the estate tax charitable deduction.
  • Charitable Trusts may typically hold cash, securities and/or real property.

Life Insurance

Often life insurance allows donors to make a much larger gift than they could with another asset. This can be done through the creation of a new life insurance policy where your donation funds pay for the premiums, or, through the gifting of existing life insurance.

Information on this Web site is not intended to provide legal, IRS or tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor for tax information relating to your specific financial needs. Geezer Gallery is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.