The Geezer Gallery is dedicated to supporting older adults as they experience the challenges and opportunities of aging. Research shows that active participation in professional art programming improves quality of life and promotes physical, mental and emotional health, and social engagement. Therefore, we engage older adults in therapeutic arts programs to positively impact their health and quality of life. The following are examples of our stellar, evidence-based therapeutic arts programs that are designed to meet the goals of mastery and social engagement by stimulating imaginative thinking, problem-solving and creative expression.

Voices Uncensored

Voices Uncensored gives participants a platform to create spoken and written narrative stories that are transformed into art. The profound act of creative expression and storytelling traverses generations. Storytelling gives a voice to everyone and fosters understanding and acceptance by providing an opportunity to listen and tell stories from diverse communities and cultures.

Thank you
for the generosity of our individual donors, foundations, and corporate sponsors.

Together we are creating a healthy
and happier world for our elders.

Moment to Moment

The Geezer Gallery partnered with Emerson House for patients with Alzheimer’s to provide Moment to Moment, our evidence-based therapeutic art program for residents with Alzheimer’s or other dementias.

Because of its success, we reached out to other facilities to offer Moment to Moment weekly. Residents may not remember from week to week, so they create a unique art piece each week. When a body of work is completed over several months, the work is professionally bound in a portfolio and presented to the resident to keep. During their time in class, we have witnessed their delight and how their lives are enhanced by art! Your donation will help us continue these programs that enrich the lives of our seniors, their families, and our community.

Capturing Time:

Journaling Your Journey

The unique curriculum that TGG developed to enhance older adults’ physical and mental health and increased socialization, by creating their own unique book of thoughts and/or remembrances about a meaningful experience in their life, learning and incorporating visual art and storytelling to express who they are and what they have experienced.

Thank you
for the generosity of our individual donors, foundations, and corporate sponsors.

Together we are creating a healthy
and happier world for our elders.

Thank you for your continued support of The Geezer Gallery’s mission to provide opportunities for older adults to participate in the creative arts!
Your tax-deductible donations help sustain our evidence-based therapeutic art programs for low-income seniors and the celebration of master-level senior artists.
Whether you donate $50 or $500, we appreciate every gift and the profound impact it has on the well-being of older adults in our greater community.

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The Geezer Gallery is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to showcasing master-level senior artists and providing therapeutic arts programs to the local senior community, giving voice through art to seniors!