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This holiday season give the gift that gives back. .
We’ve added a selection of small original art and jewelry.
Art sales benefit local artists and our Therapeutic Arts Programs for seniors.


 November we featured Women in Art- Five incredible local artists.  Liz Thoresen, Laura Janes, Marion McMuldren, Dara Daniel and Candyce Scott

October we featured Ron Mills-Pinyas.  Ron is a seasoned artist with work in Costa Rica and Barcelona as well as the Pacific Northwest. 

Learning to Count to One

Featuring the works of Ronald DeWitt Mills-Pinyas
“My work is about learning to count to one. I attend to how the eye traverses one visual quality, one composition, toward another, how awareness jumps and connects, how it is diffused and distracted; how it reconfigures sight, associative groupings, gestalts, how in the process of painting the hand, the eye, the mind and the spirit are reconnected.”

About The Artist

Mills-Pinyas served as Professor of Studio Art for forty years at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon. He was named Edith Green Distinguished Professor of Art in 1994 and was the recipient of the Thomas and Julie Olds Award for Artistic Excellence in 2014. Mills-Pinyas has taught at the University of Costa Rica in San Pedro; Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; the University of Morelos in Cuernavaca, Mexico; Pitzer College in Claremont, California; Claremont Graduate University; and Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon.

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Thursday, Friday and Saturday

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Thank YOU for your continued support of The Geezer Gallery’s mission to provide opportunities for older adults to participate in the creative arts!

Your tax-deductible donations help sustain our evidence-based therapeutic art programs for low-income seniors and the celebration of master-level senior artists.

Whether you donate $50 or $500, we appreciate every gift and the profound impact it has on the well-being of older adults in our greater community.


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The Geezer Gallery partnered with Emerson House for patients with Alzheimer’s to provide Moment to Moment, our evidence-based therapeutic art program for residents with Alzheimer’s or other dementias.

Because of its success, we reached out to other facilities to offer Moment to Moment weekly. Residents may not remember from week to week, so they create a unique art piece each week. When a body of work is completed over several months, the work is professionally bound in a portfolio and presented to the resident to keep. During their time in class, we have witnessed their delight and how their lives are enhanced by art! Your donation will help us continue these programs that enrich the lives of our seniors, their families, and our community.

Thank you for the generosity of our individual donors, foundations, and corporate sponsors!

Together we are creating a healthy and happier world for our elders.


The Geezer Gallery is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to showcasing master-level senior artists and providing therapeutic arts programs to the local senior community, giving voice through art to seniors!

Exhibiting and Marketing

A key program of The Geezer Gallery is exhibiting and marketing juried artwork created by master-level artists age 60 and above.

The Geezer Gallery currently is collaborating with Montgomery Park and numerous locations. Please see the Exhibitions page for more information.